“Sereda Company, LTD”
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 “Sereda Company, LTD” 

Ukrainian casting “Sereda Company, LTD” successfully competes on
the market of non-ferrous metals in  Ukraine. It manufactures shaped
casting out of bronze, brass and aluminium. Permanent control of
chemical and mechanical characteristics of received casting alloids is
introduced. All production is certificated. Preliminary mechanical
machining of blanks out of alloids of non-ferrous metals is implemented.
Since 2009, the enterprise manufactures casting and festive setting and
the Church bells from the bell bronze with a maximum weight of 300 kg.
“Sereda Company, LTD” offers wares out of casting bronze, aluminium,
brass (alloids according to GOST and not only to it ). The orders will
be realized in the shortest possible terms. High quality is guaranteed.
Prices will be coordinated.

                                                                    Sincerely,  “Sereda Company, LTD”.

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